Teachers are social learners

Together everyone achieves more

I help educators to look after their well-being; grow their confidence and fall back in love with teaching through membership of a supportive, nurturing group of like-minded, passionate people.

My mission is to enable you to adopt the coaching ‘way of being’ to enhance all your relationships inside and outside school.


The Jolly Staffroom membership is for you if you feel…

totally overwhelmed by your workload

guilty about spending more time with other people’s children than you do with your own

isolated in your school

out of love with your profession

you are operating in survival mode

you want to throw in the towel

Imagine your teaching when you have committed to the coaching way of being…

Putting your needs first

You’re not afraid to set boundaries to look after yourself

Deeper connections

..with your students, colleagues, family and friends

Feeling reenergised

You’re enjoying your teaching career again 

Being Organised

You’re no longer feeling overwhelmed because you’re well-prepared



Because you feel like you’ve a handle on your day


Listened to

Your needs are heard and your opinion is valued

Learning and Growing

alongside your students and colleagues 


Setting big goals

  • mapping small goals and achieving those big goals because you will be being held accountable by the community.



What will I get out of the Jolly Staffroom Membership?

  • A community of passionate educators who are focused on well  being first for everyone.
  • A place to vent safely
  • A shoulder to cry on
  • A place of inspiration and aspiration

join today 

Access all this support for only £10/month!

Live Coaching

1 live 60 min coaching session per month on Zoom ( value £150)


A place to vent safely

(value: Priceless!)

Access to fellow members of the Jolly Staffroom Private Facebook group

(value: Priceless!)


This group is also about having fun and camaraderie.

Join the Grandparents' Guide to ADHD Facebook group

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