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My background is in education. I am a third generation teacher and I have taught in UK primary and secondary schools for over 35 years. I have a reputation and a passion for turning things around. Since I retired from classroom teaching, I have become more and more involved in coaching neurodivergent children and their families. My mission is to ensure that your child makes the most of their unique  potential by discovering how to  love and accept who they are. To  realise that ADHD is their identity and their culture. They are not broken. They do not need to be fixed. They need to find their place in the world.

 Your grandchild is EPIC: exceptionally perceptive, imaginative and creative just what our world needs most! (Thanks to Olive Hickmott for that definition)


More about me…

My Masters from Oxford University is in Professional Development in Education and I have trained as a practitioner with Olive Hickmott a neurodiversity expert. More recently, I have become fascinated by Positive Intelligence Coaching. I am eager to share my expertise and help YOUR family to live ther best life.

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