Coaching for Schools

Why Coaching for Schools?

My mission with Coaching for schools is to reconnect you to the joy of teaching – that’s what you signed up for. You did NOT sign up for sleepless nights; a ridiculous workload that increases daily; online learning; uncertainty about the future; fear of infecting your loved ones; juggling your school responsibilities with your own children’s learning and wellbeing not to mention teacher bashing in the media! 


I’m Jean

I can help you with the high wire balancing act that is a teacher’s life today. 

What I Do


From Overwhelm to Oasis of Calm

This is a taster course designed to kick start your journey to achieving a sustainable work life balance. Maybe you have had a health
scare? Maybe your partner has given you an ultimatum? It is not designed to be the whole solution but rather to raise your
awareness of the possibilities and to set you on the road to a happier, healthier, more joyful and fulfilled life.

Jolly Staffroom Monthly Membership

I see The Jolly Staffroom as a virtual replica of the staffroom I remember early in my career. It was the beating heart of the school.
Scene of high drama: Ofsted visits; untimely deaths announced; frivolity elaborate April Fools japes and heartfelt farewell speeches.
Always a safe space to bring your fears and your triumphs. There was always a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. A fount of wise
advice (if you listened to the right person!) and encouragement.

1:1 Performance Coaching

This is a programme of 12 sessions using my One Of Many coach training. It is a blend of coaching and resource development. We
will unlock the resources already present and where required, and in partnership, I will support you to develop new tools and
resources to handle life’s challenges.


I would have spent my lockdown making the bed, cooking and doing childcare (and getting exhausted doing all that!) had I not applied Jean’s valuable coaching tools and tamed that ‘dutiful pixie’ inside me.

Thanks to Jean, I am scaling up my business, launching my website, automating everything because I had the tools from her to balance my needs and those of the family. My husband participates more than ever in household chores. It was all about drawing healthy boundaries and saying NO in the most kind and healthy way.

I am forever grateful that I took coaching with Jean at the right time. Little action steps take you very far.

1:2:1 KT Accredited Transformational Coach

I thoroughly enjoyed Jean’s Fast Track Education Coach training which has given me insight, clarity, and a much deeper understanding of coaching teenagers.

Jean shares her great experience and skills in a gentle, fun and robust way to meet my needs for  my own professional development.  In doing so she has enabled me to bring new tools to a generation of teenagers in need of solid support.

I cannot recommend Jean highly enough for her delightful and generous way of sharing her knowledge and skills.

Dr Fiona Schneider

Bright Star Centre

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