Helping you navigate the neurodiversity minefield

Coaching for Neurodiversity

Why Coaching for Neurodiversity?

My mission is to support Grandparents who are wondering if their grandchild might be an ADHDer. Or their grandchild may have just had a diagnosis and they are at a loss as to what to do next. After all ADHD was just not a ‘thing’ in their day. 

They want to support their family without coming across as interfering – it’s a big ask!


I’m Jean

Hello I am Jean and I am a ADHD neurodiversity support specialist.

I can help you navigate the neurodiversity minefield.

What I Do

Grandparents’ self-study Guide to ADHD

This is a course designed to give Grandparents a working knowledge of ADHD. What it is; the different types of ADHD and the best way to support their newly diagnosed or suspected ADHD grandchild.

There is still so much stigma attached to having a label. This course will take you from ignorance to confidence.

The Grandparents’ Guide to ADHD Group Coaching Programme

This programme will help grandparents who may have stepped up to help out with child care to understand what ADHD is. I will lead you through my proven 8 step program to achieve insights and rapid mastery of the neuroscience behind ADHD.This will enable you to understand and support your ADHD grandchild and the rest of the family.

 You will have the confidence to calm the chaos.

1:2:1 Bespoke ADHD coaching for grandparents

This is a six month programme designed to redirect more entrenched behaviours. We will design a programme specifically for your grandchild and their family because every ADHDer is different. One size does NOT fit all. The overwhelming emotions that ADHDers  experience take time to tame. The goal of this bespoke program is to achieve Radical Acceptance.  ADHD is an identity and a culture. Let’s move away from diagnosis, dysfunction, disability or disorder. We need to help your grandchild to understand themselves and why they think the way they do. There is always the promise and opportunity to reconnect; to find joy; to embrace each other and enjoy being together as a family.


"Jean's Coaching has been life-changing for my son and for all of us, giving him the confidence to be himself and robust enough to cope with life".


"You have truly made such a difference in my life. When I first started coaching I was really struggling with anxiety and stress. I can't even begin to tell you how much you have helped me. It has honestly been amazing to have a safe space where I can talk about ANYTHING".

6th Former

I would have spent my lockdown making the bed, cooking and doing childcare (and getting exhausted doing all that!) had I not applied Jean’s valuable coaching tools and tamed that ‘dutiful pixie’ inside me.

Thanks to Jean, I am scaling up my business, launching my website, automating everything because I had the tools from her to balance my needs and those of the family. My husband participates more than ever in household chores. It was all about drawing healthy boundaries and saying NO in the most kind and healthy way.

I am forever grateful that I took coaching with Jean at the right time. Little action steps take you very far.

1:2:1 KT Accredited Transformational Coach

I thoroughly enjoyed Jean’s Fast Track Education Coach training which has given me insight, clarity, and a much deeper understanding of coaching teenagers.

Jean shares her great experience and skills in a gentle, fun and robust way to meet my needs for  my own professional development.  In doing so she has enabled me to bring new tools to a generation of teenagers in need of solid support.

I cannot recommend Jean highly enough for her delightful and generous way of sharing her knowledge and skills.

Dr Fiona Schneider

Bright Star Centre

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