So, you’re an NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) and you’re really excited about starting your first teaching post.

But maybe you’re feeling a little anxious about getting organised and how to start off your Classroom Management on the right foot? Never fear, Jean is here!

In this short blog post, I’m going to share the things I wish I’d known when I was starting out. 


How will you greet the class as they come into the learning space?

The “meet and greet” that teachers do before class seems to be a critical benchmark for many students. They may be the first kind words they have heard all day. Students say that teachers who “meet and greet” are the ones who care about them personally, and this personal interest motivates them to do better in class.


“Meet and greet” doesn’t need to happen every day- two or three times a week is fine. And varying what you do keeps students guessing about what’s going to happen in class today!

Jean Ramsey

Case Study

“Karen” wanted to get all of her classes off to a good, positive start. She had noticed that in the classes where she had made good bonds and connections wiht the students already this was quite easy. However in those classes with more challenging mixes of young people she was finding the going tough.

She observed one colleague who greeted each student with a smile but at the same time she was holding a sign that read I love a silent start.” She thought this was a great way to begin without even saying anything. 

Then she checked out how another colleague always took ten deep breaths outside in the corridor. “Just getting myself in the zone”, he used to say. 

Meet and Greet Ideas


Ask each student to state their name as they walk in so that you can hear it and repeat it.

Shake hands

A good firm handshake can make a great first impression.

Positive start

As students arrive, make positive comments to individuals that let them know that you notice who they are.

Acknowledge outside interests

Get to know your students’ interests outside school.

Positive feedback

Give students positive feedback about something they’ve done well in class recently. 

Check in with how everyone is feeling

Prepare cards with numbers from 1-10. At the door, ask students to pick a number that reflects there mood where – ten is: “I’m ready, focused and feeling good” down to one which is “I’m tired, grumpy and would rather be anywhere else”.


Good luck with this exciting time in your career. Please share this post with any peers who may find it helpful.

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