I distinctly remember where I came across this idea….the Women’s Realm magazine in my mum’s hairdressers’ salon in Kitwe – Northern Rhodesia in my day – circa 1962. In those days everybody went for a Shampoo and Set once a week. I would have been about 9 years old and I was an avid, indiscriminate reader. Little did I know that what I read that hot afternoon, would help so may people of all ages in the future.

It was Patience Strong writing in her regular advice column. She wrote something along these lines…

Worry is like a rocking horse that goes nowhere. You just go backwards over the same ground ruminating, wasting energy and making no progress. You stay stuck in the worry. It becomes an unhelpful habit or limiting belief that will hold you back from your true potential.

BUT if you make a plan, you can get off the Worry Rocking Horse and make progress. As we know perfect planning prevents poor performance! Your plan will be even more effective if you share it with a trusted ally and they can hold you accountable.

All it takes is to decide on your next best baby step.

One baby step leads to another and then another and that is how the momentum for lasting change can start.

I urge you to give it a go!

Why waste time worrying when you could be busy living your life?

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